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so this is the new year (sweet harmony on year)

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so here it is.

i spent my new year alone, working on music, and im pretty damn content with that.

maybe im a cynic, maybe im jaded, who knows, but i just dont care as much anymore about the traditional things that we are supposed to get excited about every year.  im not saying that i dont enjoy a good new years party, dont get me wrong, just saying i dont have that feeling in me anymore where i tell myself that i must go out.  a quiet night at home with some headphones was perfect for me.

so here’s a life update.

i spent most of december with strangers, writing and recording music and it was awesome.

the beginning of the month i was in seattle, with a new project called Isles and Glaciers (  we recorded 5 songs with Casey Bates ( in Shoreline, WA.  im currently trying to wrap up the 5th song with some extra production, then itll get a final mix and be sent off for mastering.  ideally this will be out in March, and we may just try to play a show… more info on that when i know im allowed to talk about it.

next i flew back to michigan, spent a day in bed, and then packed up the car for a 3-4 drive “up north”, as we say in michigan.  i drove with my new pal Nick Martin and my old pal Brad Bell, up to Luther, MI.  we took this trip to hang out and work on some music in a cabin.  im not sure if im allowed to talk too much about this so i will keep it short.  lets just say we wrote 10 songs in about 3 days, spent some time at the only bar in Luther, and a deer ran into my car.  great times.

so now ive had 2 weeks or so to chill out at home.  im about to start writing an album for a new friend… this will be my first time writing, recording, and producing an entire album.  i couldnt be more stoked.  more info on this will come once its all official.

at the end of january, Fordirelifesake will be heading back to Japan, 6 years later, for one final tour.  we got the offer right as we were working out the last show.  we felt like it would be very foolish to pass on this, so we’re going to take one more trip, then the band will be dead forever.

when we get back, i will be meeting some new people, and doing my best to produce a 5-6 song demo for them.  should be really cool.  they are a great band and i hope i can capture this right.

then in march, i am most likely going out tour managing and playing with Craig Owens, on his solo tour.  should be really fun.  im excited to spend some time with good people.

also in march, march 14th to be exact, my cousin Dave is getting married, and im the best man.  stoked, honored, excited, and terrified.  i keep having dreams where i forget to write a speech and i freeze up.  hope i can pull it together.

so i think thats it… thats my life up until mid april…good stuff


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January 1, 2009 at 6:52 am

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