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ive been having this dream since ive been in the studio… twice now.. but the first time was minimal.  im at my parents house, and i walk into what used to be my bedroom, and my dog is starring into the corner, and i look in the corner and theres like some sort of strangeness going on, which i assume is about to materialize into a ghost or something… the first time i just woke up i think, but last night was different.

same situation, i come in, dog is starring into the corner, i look, it looks weird, then all of a sudden im hearing really loud noises and the phone rings and immediately goes to the answering machine… the answering machine picks up and i hear a really old sounding recording saying ” all employees please evacuate the area” over and over… obviously im freaked out in the dream, and i run out and look out the front window and two huge trucks are pulling into the driveway.  at this point im thinking some ghost has my back and is trying to get me out of here alive, but i was so creeped out i had to wake myself up.

then after i had this dream where there were scorpions in my bed, and when i jumped up, they just kept coming at me.  if i tried to step on them they would jump around and shit.  it sucked.

stupid dreams.

last night was great in the studio, we tracked a lot of guitars, and i had about 12 beers and did some weird stuff that i think is probably going to be pretty cool.  i think we do some bass today and maybe some more guitars.


Written by briansouthall

December 7, 2008 at 7:00 pm

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  1. i’m the captain of weird-freak-out-leave-you-groggy-all-day-cuz-you-aren’t-getting-real-sleep-cuz-it’s-all -so-ridiculous-and-disturbing dreams. i hear you.

    i want to hear music!


    December 8, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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