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my favorite poem

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love's function is to fabricate unknownness

(known being wishless;but love,all of wishing)
though life's lived wrongsideout,sameness chokes oneness
truth is confused with fact,fish boast of fishing

and men are caught by worms(love may not care
if time totters,light droops,all measures bend
nor marvel if a thought should weigh a star
—dreads dying least;and less,that death should end)

how lucky lovers are)whose selves abide
under whatever shall discovered be)
whose ignorant each breathing dares to hide
more than most fabulous wisdom fears to see

(who laugh and cry)who dream,create and kill
while the world moves;and every part stands still:

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December 13, 2008 at 6:47 am

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stu stu studio

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ive been having this dream since ive been in the studio… twice now.. but the first time was minimal.  im at my parents house, and i walk into what used to be my bedroom, and my dog is starring into the corner, and i look in the corner and theres like some sort of strangeness going on, which i assume is about to materialize into a ghost or something… the first time i just woke up i think, but last night was different.

same situation, i come in, dog is starring into the corner, i look, it looks weird, then all of a sudden im hearing really loud noises and the phone rings and immediately goes to the answering machine… the answering machine picks up and i hear a really old sounding recording saying ” all employees please evacuate the area” over and over… obviously im freaked out in the dream, and i run out and look out the front window and two huge trucks are pulling into the driveway.  at this point im thinking some ghost has my back and is trying to get me out of here alive, but i was so creeped out i had to wake myself up.

then after i had this dream where there were scorpions in my bed, and when i jumped up, they just kept coming at me.  if i tried to step on them they would jump around and shit.  it sucked.

stupid dreams.

last night was great in the studio, we tracked a lot of guitars, and i had about 12 beers and did some weird stuff that i think is probably going to be pretty cool.  i think we do some bass today and maybe some more guitars.

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December 7, 2008 at 7:00 pm

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back in the studio

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today marks day 1 of work on a brand new project.  im in seattle (near seattle), recording in casey bates studio, with some new friends.

woke up yesterday at 4:30 am, sarah drove me to the airport, flight left at 7:20 am, eastern… landed at like 11:00 am pacific… tired as fuck.  met 1 guy who i had only talked to online, and 3 other guys who i had never talked to ever.  luckily everyone was into old fat wreck chords stuff, so now we are all friends.

sitting in the control room now, working on finishing up the songs so we can keep rolling.  the plan is 5 songs, 10 days.. its going to be ridiculous but i think we can do it.  should be fun.

once i know its cool to actually talk details, ill stop being so vague

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December 4, 2008 at 6:38 am

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