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im laying in bed, in a holiday inn express, in state college, pa.  i think thats actually the name of the town, but maybe im totally blowing it.  who knows.

day two of tour playing drums for the hard lessons (  its been fun so far.  a few more shows then im back home, and back to being a bum.

i think i really just felt like writing because i saw something that bummed me out.  i just watched a music video of a band that some guys i know play in… and its basically saying ” we are punk, kids who look this way or act this way are ridiculous, and we are cooler/better than them “.

im pretty sure i hate that.  dont get me wrong, i think trends, fashion, music, etc… these days is pretty awful and i dont dig it…. but i mean what good are any of us doing if we just mock and make fun of people who arent the same as us?  if you actually grew up in this punk rock scene, then youve definitely gone through some awkward phases trying to figure yourself out.  youve definitely been made fun of, picked on, laughed at, but you stuck to it because you felt something.

yes i think most bands these days are stupid, i think boys in girl pants suck, but i mean who says its wrong? it obviously wasnt cool to wear a huge pair of jnco jeans when i was younger, but that didnt stop me at all.

i dont know… maybe im hypocritical, but i just dont get the point in making fun of people for something they love.  i dont think theres anything wrong with making a living because of music, and i think its pretty smart to pay attention to the market, instead of just say youre so punk that you dont care, because thats false.

i dont really even know where im going with this… i guess im just thinking… do things because you care… because you are moved by something, inspired by something… and if someone else is inspired by something else, dont rain on their parade.. it usually just means youre jealous.  there are better ways to make your point then by making fun of someones hair.


Written by briansouthall

October 23, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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  1. truth. well said, good sir.


    January 6, 2009 at 6:07 am

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