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everything in its right place

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im laying in bed, in a holiday inn express, in state college, pa.  i think thats actually the name of the town, but maybe im totally blowing it.  who knows.

day two of tour playing drums for the hard lessons (  its been fun so far.  a few more shows then im back home, and back to being a bum.

i think i really just felt like writing because i saw something that bummed me out.  i just watched a music video of a band that some guys i know play in… and its basically saying ” we are punk, kids who look this way or act this way are ridiculous, and we are cooler/better than them “.

im pretty sure i hate that.  dont get me wrong, i think trends, fashion, music, etc… these days is pretty awful and i dont dig it…. but i mean what good are any of us doing if we just mock and make fun of people who arent the same as us?  if you actually grew up in this punk rock scene, then youve definitely gone through some awkward phases trying to figure yourself out.  youve definitely been made fun of, picked on, laughed at, but you stuck to it because you felt something.

yes i think most bands these days are stupid, i think boys in girl pants suck, but i mean who says its wrong? it obviously wasnt cool to wear a huge pair of jnco jeans when i was younger, but that didnt stop me at all.

i dont know… maybe im hypocritical, but i just dont get the point in making fun of people for something they love.  i dont think theres anything wrong with making a living because of music, and i think its pretty smart to pay attention to the market, instead of just say youre so punk that you dont care, because thats false.

i dont really even know where im going with this… i guess im just thinking… do things because you care… because you are moved by something, inspired by something… and if someone else is inspired by something else, dont rain on their parade.. it usually just means youre jealous.  there are better ways to make your point then by making fun of someones hair.


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October 23, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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pet peeve

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i really hate when people say “we arent gonna hang out anymore” or “ill never do that again” or things of this nature.

id say whenever you say that, you usually end up doing the thing you said you wouldnt do within 48 hours.

someone treats you like crap, “we arent going to hang anymore”, except for in a few days.

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October 15, 2008 at 2:25 am

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we are all guilty of the same things.  when those things annoy us, we get on our high horse, and we pretend we would never do such a thing, and ask “how could they do that!?!?”.  it’s so ignorant and annoying.  there are no rules for living, there are no rules for who you like, who you love, and why you do so.  no one will ever mind their own business, and its ridiculous to even ask now a days.  everything you do will always be talked about by the people around you, and i dont really think anyone is in the wrong.  i dont think you should ever be ashamed of anything you do, anything you care about.  we all need our secrets, but usually the things our friends want to gossip about, arent those deep dark secrets that we cling to, but more than likely they just wanna know who we’ve been making out with so they can judge and decide how they feel about that.

grow up.  people date, usually they break up, and they should always be allowed to move on, in whichever direction theyd like.  there’s no rule that says if your brother is dating someone, and he doesnt appreciate that person, that you shouldn’t get a chance to say or show that person how you feel.  maybe that person is your “soulmate”.  it really blows my mind that anyone would think that after theyve dated someone, they have eternal dibs on that person.  there are numerous ways to respect the situation, numerous ways to handle it accordingly, but as intelligent people, we should be able to handle it and move on.

and even more ridiculous to me, is when any certain instance bothers an outsider more than it bothers the person they are concerned about being hurt by this.  when some lonely asshole has to run his mouth and sound the alarm because he doesnt agree with what happened.  and usually, this person who is crying out for justice, if you through their past, youll see some nice things, and great backstabbing moments, where they defied everything they claim they stand for, and had some fun with their best friends boyfriend/girlfriend.

im just writing cause i hate when anyone tells another person they are out of line for following their heart, and you know what, i could care less if in the end they were only following their dick(and dick in this case can stand for girlie parts too, i just think it sounds better right now).

do what you want, whenever the fuck you want it.  you arent going to live forever and you should experience everything you can, while you can.  it might be something you remember and cherish for the rest of your life, who knows.  and that angry angry person who always has so much to say, check in on them in a few years, and i bet nothing will have changed.

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October 13, 2008 at 6:24 am

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the end

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sitting in the same damn back lounge i was sitting in when i wrote my first ever blog entry, and oddly enough inspired to write by the same person, just for different reasons this time.

so its done.  the 2008 MCS record cycle is over.  done.  no more damn shows.  we ended it with some ridiculousness.  on 10/2 we played nashville, our final day of tour with Chiodos (love those dudes), and then proceeded to make a 12 hour journey to Stillwater, OK to play with Sugarland, Kelly PIcklier, and Ashton Sheppard.  to say this was a weird night would be an understatement. sugarland’s PM and crew were actually all super nice and really cool to use, which was refreshing, but we were definitely out of our element.  the country crowd was a bit confused during the set, but i dont think it went over as bad as we had all worried.  so we finish up this set, this long day, and we all go to bed sad, knowing that in a few hours we will be at Tulsa International Airport, unloading 23 pieces of gear, and printing our boarding passes to fly to Pittsburgh, PA for the final show of the tour.  another college show, this time with Saves the day.  So we get to the airport at 630 AM, flight leaves around 9.  we have some delays, and we land in Pittsburgh around 3 PM.  the band is supposed to play at 530 PM.  we get picked up, drop the guys off at the hotel to clean up, and diaz, claudio, pavan and i get to the site as saves the day is playing.  we have less than 40 minutes to get our shit together and get ready for this set.  it was pretty ridiculous and we were all incredibly slap happy from lack of sleep.  it took some doing, and we had a lot of issues wth the ears, but it ended up alright.  the show was fun, we had a good time, and we were really happy to close it all out.  we all go together in the hotel lobby for a few beers, a meal, and just one last time to hang.  it was a good thing.

ill miss all the dudes.  its been a really fun time touring with them.  i feel like im walking out of it with some new good friends, and i hope we all end up staying in touch.

tour memories might be all i really have someday, so im pretty happy when i get some new ones to add to the scrap book.  i think some of my happiest times come from sitting around with friends, and laughing about something stupid that happened some day on tour.  i still do it with everyone in FDLS, so im sure ill still do it with people ive toured with since.  its great to just think about something completely stupid, and laugh until your face hurts.  i feel pretty lucky for being able to do what i do.

so now im 6 hours away from home.  got band practice tomorrow with justin and adam which im thrilled about… hopefully this thing works out, who knows.  i have some plans to hang with lots of old friends, and some brand new ones, which should prove to be interesting if nothing else.  and i think i have some new friends flying in to spend some time with me soon, which will be great!

im starring at the possibility of months off of tour, for the first time in at least 3 years i think.  ive turned down every offer that ive received, and i have no intention of looking for a job for some time.  i cant wait to have nothing to do, and be completely free to write music all damn day.  i plan to write and record at least 20 songs for this project with justin/adam/brian… i plan to be ready to record at least 10-11 songs for my solo album by december… im working on a few more covers with certain special friends, its going to be great.  and on Nov 28th, i get to play one final show with fordirelifesake.  its going to be amazing, and these are going to be some great months in my life.  now i just have to find a way to not end up broke and ill be so happy.

so thats my life right now.  pretty fucking awesome in my opinion.  good friends, good times, hopefully some babes, and always, always time to write music!

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October 6, 2008 at 5:22 am

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