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stay warped

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i’ve been out on the vans warped tour now for i think 5 days.  about 3 days before that, somehow i did something, which i think resulted in my pinching a nerve in my lower back.  needless to say, i have barely been able to walk since we started this tour (which is awesome since its an outdoor festival and you have to walk around all day), and i hate everything as a result.

i bought a bike the other night at super kmart, and that is helping.  it slightly resembles pee wee’s bike, so thats a good time, as long as i can avoid that asshole Francis.

pretty much everyday tony and i have a conversation like this: “what time is warped tour?” “did you mean the vans warped tour?” “oh, its whatever time Kevin Says” and then it branches off from there.  probably doesnt seem funny if you arent there.

there is this band called the ORESKA BAND, who is just amazing.  we are all smitten and everyone has been watching them like every day.  check it out, its good times.

hmm what else… warped tour sucks.  its hot and gross and hot.  the hang outs are good times, but it doesnt always make up for the whole “being on warped tour” thing.

the bronx are awesome.  reel big fish are great. i think thats all i got.


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August 4, 2008 at 1:57 pm

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