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do all musicians wonder if they suck?  when i listen to certain artists, or see certain people play, i cant help but get incredibly insecure at times.  most of my life people have made it seem like they dig what im doing, and i feel very fortunate for that… but at the same time,  i have to wonder, does most of what i do suck?  is it good?  and i wonder if like thom yorke ever thinks that certain songs are no good, or untalented or something?  on the other hand, is it good to feel that because it just inspires us to try to impress those who we feel are more talented than we are?


who knows.  too much on my mind.


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June 30, 2008 at 5:55 am

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ddt: cruel, but fair…

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couldnt be any happier right now… i just discovered the official jake the snake roberts myspace page…  he was my absolute favorite wrestler when i was a kid.  lately, since becoming better friends with tony from mcs, we have both rekindled our love and obsession for the WWF when we were kids… 

now i just have to find out what it costs to book jake to fly in and come to the bar with me, maybe ddt my dad or something?



Thieves of Dreams 


Jake “The Snake” Roberts

What do they steal?
Why do they steal?
Haven’t they their own?


Everywhere some child or innocent one has left them unprotected
Not of ignorance or shallow thinking
They aren’t hidden due to love
Hope and a sincere belief in all men
There would be no need to bury them in dark, cold holes
Where no life could possibly spring from their loved thoughts
Wouldn’t ever feel a need to lock them away either

What does a thief gain?
Unfortunately even the most ignorant
Vile and irresponsible idiot can gain from dreamers


By aligning or shadowing those innocent, child-like, free and naive
That have proved to be gifted in any area
Stealth like and patiently they wait for an idea
Or gift they have no right to claim
Consuming and copying whatever has been offered up by those still free enough
Inside to dream


Every moment, every second day in and day out
Throughout mankind it will never end for those selected few who have been chosen
Or bestowed the honor

It is a fantastic and horrid breath that utters hope
That this love should be shared
Not raped or stolen?

My wish is not to punish the thieves
But simply be given a chance to dream or not

When I die, I feel it won’t be from another’s sword
But by the unstoppable heartbeat of dreams

My own?

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June 30, 2008 at 2:22 am

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youth gone wild

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last night was a ground breaking moment in my life… finally, after years of waiting, i got to see Sponge (and skid row, who i was never huge into, but even without Bach they were still pretty damn good).  I learned that the beginning of wax exstatic is a sample, and i learned that because their awful FOH guy turned it on in the middle of the song (louder than the band) and at the end of the song, both for about half a second.

i should have prefaced that this was happening outside in downtown mt clemens, for our annual fireworks.  it was a free outdoor concert with rides, food, all that stuff.

so finally after waiting through the hot tracks off Sponge’s 5th studio album, i heard some familiar feedback, and i was certain i was about to hear “plowed”.  So they’re playing, it rules, very happy, and then when the song is almost over, the fireworks start… so the song ends, and it’s clear than Sponge has no intention of stopping.  they break back into the song, repeating the verses and chorus, but super slowed down down and borderline “pretty”.  so i’m standing there, watching awesome fireworks, hearing this song i grew up loving, slowed down to a ridiculous tempo, and it was almost actually beautiful, but also hilarious… i swear they repeated everything at least 5 times through.. they just kept going!

then skid row played.  i was never a big fan, but i knew the hits.  it was pretty fun, and a lot of friends showed up to yell and scream like drunken idiots.  good times.


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June 28, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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good morning

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i just had a dream that my life was a musical and everyone around me was singing…  but in this life, i was walking around with a few people trying to cast a musical… 

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June 27, 2008 at 5:50 pm

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still driving across the country, a little bit closer to home

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Everybody’s cool playing rock n roll

Everybody’s cool playing rock n roll

I don’t feel cool at all

I don’t feel cool at all

Send all of my best out to the hand

I don’t think I’ll make it out to the show

There’s this girl I can’t get out of my head

There’s this girl I can’t get out of my head

And I don’t feel so cool at all

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June 17, 2008 at 6:03 am

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somewhere in middle america

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I’m in the back lounge, i smell awful, and im watching some pretty flat country pass me by outside the window.  I’ll be enjoying this wonderful cabin fever party for about two whole days of driving, as beth and i make our way from anaheim to minneapolis, which is our final desitination.  The bus is cluttered with the remnants of tour; some dirty stage towels, half empty bottles of water and gatorade, dirty pillows and blankets, empty boxes left behind, etc…  I’m not incredibly happy about having to ride back, but at least it gives me some time to work on music, and collect my thoughts after almost eleven weeks of tour.

I think the closest thing i can relate to the end of a tour, would be a lesser version of the last day of high school.  Everyone is in a rush and packing up all their things, they leave a lot of garbage behind, there’s always one hug that makes you almost cry, and eventually you decide that you don’t really care if you say goodbye to everyone because you just want to get the hell out of there and go home!  Luckily, when you tour for a living, you almost always see those people again, so missing a few goodbyes isn’t the end of the world.

So that brings me back to my current state, trapped in the bus while we drive to minneapolis.  When we get there, claudio and i will be emptying out the trailer, putting all of the gear into the storage space, and then labeling everything that we need to bring to alaska for our two upcoming shows.  Then, i just have to make it through one more night in a hotel, before i can fly home the next morning, and enjoy almost having three weeks off.  Of course, it wont really be off because i will be advancing headlining shows, but whatever, i still get to sleep in my bed.

It’s going to be a pain in the ass, but i’m definitely excited to see alaska.  It’s a place i never thought music would take me, and thats exciting.  If there’s one thing that i will take away from my life in music, it will definitely be the memories of the places i’ve been lucky enough to see, and share with friends.  

Side note:

I’m currently working on three fairly urgent projects.  

1, a cover of “pitiful” by failure, to be release on a tribute compilation, due by july 1st.  I had already recorded a cover of “stuck on you” which i was very happy with, but apparently ken andrews put in the call that he wanted paramore on the comp, and since they recorded the same song a few years ago on an ep, i got the boot from the hard copy, and my track is only being used on the electronic copy.  The people doing the tribute were nice enough to let me do another track for the hard release, if i wanted, so im rushing to get that done.

2, a “remix” of the song “45 miles” by therefore i am (  i say “remix”, because i’m not a DJ and this wont be a typical remix.  I am mostly trying to interpret the song in a new way, using a lot of electronic and ambient elements.  I like how its coming out.  This has no set due date, but i’ve been making them wait too long!

3, a cover of “summerholidayvspunkroutine” by refused.  This will be released on another tribute record.  No set due date for this yet, but im excited and can’t wait to finish it.  It’s not really done in my “style”.  I was trying to channel a bit of the refused vibe, and tried to go super dance club style with it, a lot of thumpin kick and that sort of thing.  I’m still decide if it’s silly or cool, but regardless i’ve come to far to stop now.

Aside from those things, im really trying to start focusing my ideas and get more stuff documented.  I really want to have a solo record on the way by the end of the year, and i want to have at least 5 songs recorded for the industrial project that i’m working on with my friend justin.  Other than that, im just documenting more and more :30 thoughts that i hope to somehow get into car commercials.




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June 16, 2008 at 5:56 am

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